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Name: Clopin Trouillefou

Age: 30

Crime: First degree murder of multiple government officials, theft, and fraud

Skill(s): Has multiple tricks up his sleeve, master ventriloquist, acrobatic, excellent with weapons especially daggers. Also a skilled talker when he's not in his crazy moods.

Personality: Very crazy and charismatic. He can be wise and extremely mysterious, although he usually acts like a fool. Well more like a psycho in some cases. He's usually seen as a menace to his workers, who only cares about himself and they even stamped him as somewhat evil. There are times when he's sociable and friendly with others, which is most of the time. But his ways of approaching people are a bit on the wacky and disturbing side. Being eccentric and nosy with new and old people is just a regular thing. And him talking to his mini elf puppet pretty much shows that his sanity is a bit unleveled.

Besides his humorous, psycho side, Clopin has been prone to show himself as a sadist or masochist, depending on the situation. Also sarcasm and dark humor are his very best friends. He showed no mercy for the government officials that needed to be killed for the bounty. Showing a dark interest in somewhat torturing the officials with his tricks or daggers, it depended if he wanted to mess with them mentally and physically. Clopin had no care for officials, unless he got to tease, torture them, and get their bounty. He only cared for himself, Loki, and his troupe. And no, not the people in the troupe. Just the wonderful performances that his troupe always do. The troupe is his property and he's very possessive of it.

Notable Attributes: Was pretty known for his singing and dancing while on the road with the troupe.

History(if any): Clopin was the leader of a gypsy troupe, bringing about wonderful shows although that was slightly dampened by the government. He wasn't much enthused to have the government putting restrictions and burdens onto his troupe. It was his. Not theirs. At least they hadn't caught him of his thieving and scamming acts with the customers, gaining in money that the government didn't know about. Which was because of him keeping it on the down-low, a secret. Soon down the road, Loki had joined the gypsy troupe, becoming an apprentice to Clopin who taught the kid the ropes in troupe, kind of amazed by some of the tricks that Loki had come up with too. Also, Loki was like a son to him. Both were crazy which sent fear into other's back sometimes. It was the family name after all. Conning money out of their customers wasn't enough much anymore for the troupe. And the government still continued to harass his troupe. Soon Clopin was suggested to becoming a bounty hunter for the rebels against the government. He got rid of certain officials, then they'd paid him. Clopin eagerly agreed, glad to finally get some revenge on the government. There were times when he and Loki would sometimes humiliate government officials who had no bounty, just to have fun. It was going all well until they were busted due to the main rebels paying them had gotten ambushed and arrested.

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