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Post by Hercules Hansen on Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:32 pm

Name: Roman "Hercules" Hansen
Age: 25

Crime: Stalking (nonpsychotic)

Skills: Excellent athlete (best at surfing and water activities, catch/throwing), very strong

Personality: Herc isn't entirely the smartest and is pretty oblivious to a lot of things. He is a self-proclaimed man of many talents. He can be self-centered and usually tries to solve situations with his brawn before anything else.  He usually acts tough but is a big coward deep down. As well, prior to being on Vian's Locker, he was a fame leecher and has made several appearances in various obscure dating and athletic reality shows, believing that everybody has seen them and already knows who he is.

Notable Attributes: Incredibly buff; tends to have a confused or blank look on his face. Usually goes by the nickname Herc.

History: Hercules was born by the name Roman Hansen, and lived a moderately well life. He was the best athlete in his schools and went by the name "Hercules" in competitions. Eventually, he adopted the name and usually introduces himself by that name. After graduating high school, he left home to go on a "spiritual journey" and tried to become an actor, auditioning for many obscure and trashy reality shows. It is only serendipity that he found himself on the biggest reality show in Vian, as he accidentally found himself arrested for stalking. He claims that what he did wasn't stalking, as he was just determined to contact a TV producer who wasn't interested.
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