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Post by Jane Porter on Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:39 pm

Name: Jane Porter, Ms. Jane is fine, Jane if we are friends.

Age: 21

Crime: Counterfeiting money

Skill(s): High intelligence, shocking amount of upper body and core strength for someone her size.

Personality: Intelligent, comes off course but it truly a kind soul, distrusting because of her skewed view of convicts.

Notable Attributes: Extremely well-kept hair which she attends to so that she can keep up appearances of being a lady.

History(if any): Jane is an incredibly kind person but she also has a bad habit for doing things she shouldn't in order to make money for her various trips back and forth to different lands. So she began to counterfeit money to pay for all of her study trips. Everything was going well until she returned to her flat one day to a few police officers with a warrant for her arrest.
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