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Post by Damian Wayne on Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:30 pm

Name: Damian Wayne

Age: Ten

Crime: Eco-Terrorism, Conspiracy of Eco-Terrorism, Refusal To Give Out Vital Information, Assault & Battery, Resisting Arrest.

Skill(s): Hand to hand combat, sword fighting, agility, stealth, lock picking

Personality: Damian is a cold boy, despite his young age, holding very little care towards people as a whole. However he is still just a child and does care about his family, more specifically his mother and father. It is his wanting to please his mother and live up to her expectations that led him to creating acts of terrorism against the government and the neanderthals that follow it blindly. And it was his wanting to make his father proud that led him to his arrest. He has a calculating mind, taking in surroundings and determining what his best options are before making any action. He plays on the fact that he's a child to trick others to underestimate him, making them think he is of little threat or even innocent. However, he does have a temper, a fiery one that when ignited often leaves a person battered and bruised. Now though he is cold towards people, he does possesses a soft spot for animals. Mostly cats.

Notable Attributes: Tan skin with icy blue eyes

History(if any): Damian is a bastard child born out of wedlock between his mother and father. His father being a rich corporate man while his mother was a foreigner who claimed to be in political affairs. Which was true in a sense, if by political affairs one meant eco terrorism. The boy was passed around between both parents in a joint custody, though his time with his mother longer than that of his father. His mother raised him under the belief that the earth was dying and that it was humanity's fault. The government was especially responsible, hiding away its toxic actions from the public eye and lying about the state of the planet.

It was their job to protect the earth by making mankind suffer as it had suffered. And so she taught Damian all she believed he needed to know. How to fight, how to move undetected, and how to break into high security buildings. In addition to what she taught him, Damian took in things he learned through his time with his father. Such as agility gained through gymnastics and his developing sword fighting skills. He helped his mother create acts of eco terrorism, breaking into homes of government officials behind acts against the earth and beating them up to make examples of and blowing up buildings and machines when no one was around.

But as Damian grew older, his father wished to spend more time with him. And with spending more time with him, Damian got to see how his father saw things. He saw hope for humanity, that people could learn from their mistakes and make the right choices without the need for violence. All they needed was the chance. And as Damian learned how his father saw things, the more he found himself wanting to be the kind of person his father was. And so he told his mother he did not wish to continue her work. The result was having several police officers come to his father's home after receiving evidence from an 'anonymous' person of Damian's activities. He tired to resister arrest, fighting off many of the officers before he was put down by tranquilizers and brought into custody.
Damian Wayne
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