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Hercules's Interview Empty Hercules's Interview

Post by Briar Rose on Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:38 pm

Briar sat down properly in front of the camera, crossing her legs and adjusting her glasses on her face. "I'm not one to criticize-usually but um.."

Hercules Hansen wrote:"Whoa hold on there, man. Did you say I could lose my life? What kind of gig is this?" He asked, straightening his back a little.

"Oh great," Briar rolls her eyes, "A good listener. I think I repeated myself about two or three times. I mean he's what I'm sure is called a selective listener. He remembered a few things I'd said to him. Just not the important things." Briar shakes her head.

Hercules Hansen wrote:"Then what about a name?" He said, leaning forward a little bit. "They call me Hercules, like the Greek dude. But you can call me Herc." He grinned, looking off to the side a little bit theatrically.

"All I'm saying is, if I had a cool greek name after a god; I'd know the history behind it." Briar says somewhat superficially with her arms crossed. "But he did hit on me a couple of times." Briar recalls, raising her had up as she recalls the memory.

Hercules Hansen wrote:"So, uh, I'll get my first phone call in a few, right? There's just one problem though, I don't have your number to call." He said, tossing his hair a little bit.

Hercules Hansen wrote:"But I might make some up later to see you again." Herc grinned, running a hand through his hair.
Briar's eye are narrowed into an annoyed expression, she throws her head back, "Please don't give me more paperwork Herc!" She exclaims dramatically.

"All in all, I think he'll be a pretty good competitor. Cute, and sort of... I don't know, clueless? Whatever team he ends up on they should be able to appreciate his strength." Briar shrugs.
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Hercules's Interview Empty Re: Hercules's Interview

Post by Hercules Hansen on Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:24 am

Herc walked into the confessional, and his body took up the entire seat, sprawled out all over it casually. "I dunno if this thing is on." He said as he stared into the camera.

Briar Rose wrote:Briar sighs silently. "As I said earlier, this is a form of community and service. Should you decline you'll be taken to your respective government penitentiary for discipline. Is that much understood?"

Herc shook his head and had his arms crossed. "I knew she was patronizing me the moment I heard that sigh. She was talking to me like I was stupid or something." He furrowed his eyebrows and had a kind-of irritated face. "I've heard that sigh enough in my life to know what she meant."

Briar Rose wrote:"It's a game show. You and other contestants will participate to win the prize money. There will only be one winner. You'll all participate in various challenges.""

With a grin, Herc does a few gestures with his arms. "While she's speaking, all I hear is the roar of fans." He scoots the seat up closer. "You've probably seen me on TV before, y'know, so I think it's kinda unfair  to the rest of the contestants since I have an edge. I'm here to win, yeah."

Briar Rose wrote: Briar holds back a laugh. The Greek dude. "The son of Zeus, mother of Hera."

Herc had his arms crossed again. "She made me feel like I don't even know who Hercules is, which I really do. That second part doesn't sound right though." He paused for a few moments before thinking about what she said. Maybe she was wrong or maybe he didn't know mythology as well as he thought. "Wait a second--so if he's Zeus's son and the mother of Hera and Hera is Zeus's wife..." He said, with his face even more confused than usual. It was almost five minutes before he spoke again. "Greek mythology's messed up, man."
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