ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ - Thursday July 17th + Other Important Stuff

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ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ - Thursday July 17th + Other Important Stuff Empty ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ - Thursday July 17th + Other Important Stuff

Post by Briar Rose on Wed Jul 09, 2014 7:22 am

Okay here we go~

If you've not yet registered I'd like it if you do so. If you're registered and are ready, please tell Catherine (Mok) or I and we'll make a post for you to start your interview. I leave for my softball conditioning camp on Sunday ad I'll be absent for a total of five days. This should be enough time for everyone to wrap up their interviews with Catherine (for those of you I can't do). I remind you I'm allowed no electronics so I can't even do a check in DX

So it would be very pleasant if we didn't swamp Catherine and started as many o these as possible while I'm still here. :3


Thursday July 17th will be very involved.
It will be the first technical start of the roleplay. I know, I know, this wasn't mentioned before but I'm saying it now XD
The 17th is also the last day for auditions, but I highly doubt we'll have someone audition on that date. Everyone auditioning must understand that date is absolute. Me personally, I get into some family troubles before roleplays (why I don't know) but this doesn't mean you can't audition at all. But you have to communicate with us and let us know. Otherwise it's likely you'll throw off the entire balance of the teams and gender distribution.

Also happening on the 17th as I said will be the first technical start of the RP. Everyone will have had finished their interviews and will be escorted to their respective team gender housing. There you may wait until Mok or Briar make an announcement calling everyone to report to the dining hall for dinner and the meeting of the opposite gender of their team and the other team if you please.

Please no fighting XD

I'll have a specific time up for either of those events. They'll very likely be about an hour or two apart. I understand that everyone has personal lives (specifically me jkjk) and that we have our amazing Europeans (not just Europeans I just know a lot of you guys are in Europe); and other countries, not to mention America having three time zones, so I'll need a time that will work for everybody. If this is not a good date for you, it's likely that I'll change it to the following day.

If I do not change the date, then we will proceed with the first challenge the following day (also suggest a time that works for everyone I will update this post so everyone knows. So please check back often.)


On Thursday, as I said before, all of the auditions will be in, and that's when I'll post the full teams. I would've posted them sooner but I get uneven numbers and have to switch around for the guys and what not~

That is all Very Happy

Briar Rose
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