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Hunter's Interview Empty Hunter's Interview

Post by Mok Swagger on Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:50 am

"--in the center, darling, part it in--Oh!" Mok nudged his stylist out of the confessional and smiled at the camera when he realized it was on.

Hunter Phoenix wrote:Hunter stalked into the room after he was shoved in and sneered at the interviewer. He flipped the guy off and remained standing just behind the chair. "The hell am I here for?"

Mok scoffed, crossing his arms. "How would I describe him?" he said archly, "Ill-mannered, crass, socially unacceptable! If I had a choice between inviting a rabid dog or him to my house, I would invite the dog and chain this Hunter boy in a kennel."

Hunter Phoenix wrote:Hunter smirked and looked at Mok. "Um, do I look like I care about fresh air and sunshine, asshole? I'm a hacker and I hotwire things. And that one count of arson but that isn't important."

"Honestly, this boy is a BOIL on the BUTT of humanity!" Mok threw his arms up, sneering. "I will admit that he has skills and that's why he's here but good God he is insufferable and this comes after only ONE meeting!"

Hunter Phoenix wrote: "You coulda just said "It lasts about a year" dude" Hunter snorted and folded his arms. "Who the hell could I talk to? I burned down my girlfriend's workplace, stole my mum's car, unless you want the call, I got nobody" He shrugged noncommittedly and smiled winningly at the guard.

"I like brutality as much as the next person, but really... such actions against one's family and significant other is... so rude." Mok rolled his eyes. "And hitting on me, even as a joke? As if. His attitude could sour even the wildest of libidos on this earth."

Hunter Phoenix wrote:"Yay, potential" Hunter snorted. "Oh, yea. I got a blog dedicated to how fake your hair is. Riveting stuff. If I had my lighter that sucker'd be gone" He stood up and let the guard lead him out, giving Mok the double bird as he exited the room

"My hair is REAL, Hunter! And infinitely better than that silly little haircut of yours!" Mok screeched. "Who the hell shaves their head and leaves a little ponytail? I'll tell you who-- UNFASHIONABLE LITTLE SHI--" He paused when a hand gave him a glass of champagne and downed it in one go. Then he tossed it to the side and smiled at the camera again. "Ah-ha, well, it's certainly going to be an interesting contest for our dear little Hunter, and I wish him the BEST of luck."
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