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Post by Briar Rose on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:09 am

Briar sits down on the bench as she pulls her hair back in a ponytail. "You know I can't even complain about the heat right now." The scene skips to Briar sighing. She raises her hand to her forehead and wipes her forehead. "You know I seriously don't know what Mok was thinking with the Trouillefous. Seriously. When he walked in, first thing he says is-"

Clopin Trouillefou wrote:"Finally!" he exclaimed before strolling over to Briar and holding out his cuffed hands. "You seem to be smart! Uncuff me, for it's the right thing to do! An easiest, must I add!"

"I mean..." Briar shrugs, raising a hand and debating whether or not to say it. She momentarily closes her eyes as she opens her mouth then closes it. "...He is right..."

Clopin Trouillefou wrote:"I haven't sat in one of these in a while!" he exclaimed in a giddy tone that would remind people of kids. He quickly sat down in the opposite way in the chair, spinning it around once before getting it to have him face the woman. "My definition of fun, freedom. Which I had expected to receive the instant I got here. But I guess not, kill joy." "So what am I here for? Except speaking to an uptight female?"

"I'm not a killjoy. And what made you think that when you got arrested you'd be free? What kind of logic-?" Briar squints and raises her hands up at her head. "I just-" She struggles to understand and form words to describe it. "What world are you living in?"

Clopin Trouillefou wrote:color=#6600ff] "Sorry?! Now don't lie to yourself deary!"[/color] he struggled to say though his laughter, which soon started to cease slowly. He wiped at the corner of his eyes to get rid of the tears.Clopin smirked darkly, tilting his head at the woman. "Don't think we'll hate each other. Just admit that I amuse you," he snickered, feeling better than ever.  

"For your information, I really was sorry!" She exclaims, throwing her hands up. Briar crosses her arms and huff, "But...he is really entertaining." She mumbles.

Clopin Trouillefou wrote:He commented, nodding his head before getting in front of the table, facing Briar. Clop held out his cuffed hands to her, giving her an innocent expression. "So!!! Anyways, gonna uncuff me now? You amused me while I did the same to you!! Besides I'm willing here, right?" Clopin proclaimed, tilting his head at Briar.

"Honestly, when he asked me to do this, I was scared as hell." Briar clarifies, "I mean Mok checked to make sure I didn't take them off. And that's saying something. Mok isn't scared by anybody."

"All in all, Clopin isn't too bad. Super eccentric. But it's his kid I have to worry about-"[/quote]
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