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Post by Briar Rose on Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:59 am

"Ugh!" Briar groans. "I could just take that kid by his-"

Damian Wayne wrote:"If I join it's as if I'm admitting I'm guilty before I even had a trial. And that seems very counterproductive for my well being. So I wish to know if the my possible joining, and all actions revealed through the television broadcasting, will be used against me or not on the possibility that I loose?"

"Does that really concern you?" Briar arches a brow. "Well you did the crime, what'd you think was going to happen? Whining about being guilty just makes you look guilty, brat."

Damian Wayne wrote:"But if those are my only two options," he drawled out, giving a sigh as if the whole ordeal was nothing more than an inconvenience. "I think I would like to know more of what I'm allowed before I make a decision." One never should agree to something without knowing the fine print.

"Who weighs life and death like that? He must not care if he dies. I'll be happy to help him get there." Briar says with crossed arms.

Damian Wayne wrote:"You're not very good with children, are you?" he questioned, though it sounded more like a statement. "Childish-nature in adulthood isn't a very attractive quality."

"I graduated with a p.H.D in psychiatrics. What the hell do I need to get along with children for? I don't plan on having one for at least another four or five years anyway. And...okay? Why do I need to be attractive in the eyes of such a spoiled brat? Oh that's right-I don't."

Damian Wayne wrote:"She wouldn't like you." he claimed nonchalantly, filled with certainty that that would be the case. "By the way, those glasses don't hide the crow's feet very well." And with that, he left.

"I'm glad. She raised her kid to be a bitch." Briar says bluntly, arms still crossed. "And I also hope she sees this." Briar continues, "And thank you." Briar smiles sweetly. "I take pride in the crow's feet that don't exist." She says with just as much sweetness before she adjusts her glasses and stands.
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Damian's Interview Empty Re: Damian's Interview

Post by Damian Wayne on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:47 pm

Icy blue eyes glared at the camera before him as Damian frowned before looking at the still open door to the side. "So I am to share my.... feelings on the subject of my interview? Is it really necessary?" There was a murmur of someone giving the affirmative before the door slammed shut. With a raised brow he turned back to the camera. "I really don't see the point in this." he grumbled before sighing. "Where do I begin?"

Briar Rose wrote:"So, you and many others have committed a crime, obviously, and we're giving you the chance to get your charges dropped, nine hundred thousand dollars, and freedom. Do you accept?" She asks him politely, wondering if he'd speak.

"Does the possibility of someone arrested, and interesting enough to you to select for this game show, actually not being guilty allude you? I haven't even had a trial yet and she was already quick to condemn me to the guilty verdict. Furthermore three out of ten convicted persons are actually innocent. Just goes to show this government's efficiency doesn't it?" Damian's gaze softens before he rubs his temples. "Sorry, just... tired. It's been a long couple of weeks and this ordeal is not making things better."

It wasn't complete honesty, but it wasn't lying either. It had been a long couple weeks. He just wasn't sorry about snapping. But if this confession happened to get on tv, he needed the people's sympathy and more importantly show signs of not being guilty if he was to get out of his sentence on the off chance he losses.

Briar Rose wrote:Briar blinks in surprise. "Um, well..." She never thought of it like that before.

"She didn't even know the answer to my question." he added with an agitated sigh. "Just who do they have running these interviews if she can't answer something as simple as that?"

Briar Rose wrote:"Well, either, you accept the offer, and you live or decline the offer and you die. Seems to me the best thing here would be to compete and if you lose then get sent to prison to fulfill your sentence. So die here, or live later." Briar says to him with a shrug. "Kind of unfair, but people actually do choose to die here. Your call."

"I'd ask if they were serious about killing someone just because they said no -regardless of what their crime was- but frankly I wouldn't put it passed them."

Briar Rose wrote:"You're gonna have to be a little more specific kid."

Blue eyes rolled as Damian snorted. "Yes because explaining all the rules and any privileges we might be allowed was a vague enough concept that I had to give more specific questions." The ten year old looked to the side before grumbling out what suspiciously sounded like imbecile.

Briar Rose wrote:"To an extent, yes you do just about anything you want to. " Briar nods, recalling the past years. "Yes, you're allowed just a few things, but no weapons or communication devices." Briar answers.

"And she was telling me to be more specific. The woman can't give a straight answer without being goaded into it and even then she fails at it. I learned from one of the guards that I'm allowed two phone calls and that through that I can get someone to wire me money." A scoff left his lips in disbelief. "Yes she was just truly helpful wasn't she?" he said sarcastically.

Briar Rose wrote:"Is that all right with you princess?"

Damian raised a brow before rolling his eyes. "I wonder what pathetic life she must lead that gives her the satisfaction of bullying a ten year old. Even more so to do it in such a childish way. She certainly isn't going to be finding any dates anytime soon." He scoffed before giving a small smirk. "She'll probably die an old spinster."

Briar Rose wrote:"Good thing I'm not here to get you to crush on me then, huh?" Briar teases with another arrogant smile.

"The woman really is an idiot. She couldn't tell that the jab was that men, or women, her age wouldn't want to date her? It wasn't about my tastes. I'm ten. But, I managed to get her to show me her true colors." Brushing off his pants, he went to stand up and head for the door. "I'm done here-"
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