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Name: Dimitri Ziegler

Age: 21

Crime: Treason, Computer Crime, Aggravated Assault, Fraud, Murder, Blackmailing

Skill(s): Hacker, multilingual, genius-intellect, inventive. An expert in explosives, knows how to assemble and defuse a wide variety of conventional explosive devices. A strategy, tactics, and campaign planner.

Personality: Selfish, greedy, observant, cunning and devious.  A well-educated rich boy who’s used in getting what he wants with any means necessary and never cares about the consequences, or feeling any regrets. He’s cold and manipulative, playful in his own twisted way with a cruel sense of humor. Dauntless and sarcastic, yet his real nature is hidden beneath his more charming and sophisticated side. To most people, he’d at worst appear to be a gentle jokester with a smartass and sometimes childish attitude. He enjoys misleading and confusion others, acts like a caring and sweet person when he feels like it, and would only do something for others if he gained something out of it. He’s emphatic and quick-witted, and unafraid of getting his hands dirty should the situation call for it. He’s content as long as he’s entertained, seeing as he absolutely despises being bored.

Notable Attributes: Part German, part Russian, but was raised and grew up in the states. Has contacts all over the world.

History(if any): A lonely child to a rich and successful couple, who had already decided and prepared Dimitri’s whole life ahead before he even had taken his first breathe. Growing up, Dimitri was never allowed to think for himself or choose what to do with his life. Every day in and out he had to follow a strict schedule, and was only expected to deliver the best and never below that. He had it easy to learn new things, but had quickly grown bored of his life and desperate for something new, a way out of his controlled existence. The few times he was allowed free time and away from his home, he explored the city and it’s darker parts, he came to realize just how much all these rules and laws that existed annoyed him, and early on found out his gift and interest with both computers and things that exploded. He came to a point where he was just so bored and tired of his life, till he simply snapped. He would simply just have to do something about it.
At the age of 16, his parents passed away in what everyone thought to be a terrorist attack. They building they had been during a business meeting, when suddenly a well hidden bomb beneath it had went off, leaving only a couple of barley survivors. This left the families whole fortune to Dimitri, the only heir to the whole company. He had played the part of a devastated son well, and led the traces of the culprit to someone else and therefor wasn’t even in the list of suspected. His parents beloved business didn’t go down, even when Dimitri now had found a lot of new things to entertain himself with and try out, all of which never followed the law. He started to grow bored of things again after some years, and maybe that’s what he didn’t seem to down about it when he finally got caught, not even resisting when they came to arrest him. Perhaps he just found a new thrilling way to entertain himself with.
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