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Post by Aphrodite JeStar Quetzal on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:04 pm

Name: Aphrodite JeStar Quetzal

Age: 20

Crime: Arsonist, Underground Drag Races w/ Vehicular Thefts, Breaking & Entering, Identity Thief, Counterfeiting, Bounty Hunting W/O Licenses (or any proper papers what-so-ever)

Skill(s): Gymnastics, Japanese Ninja Warrior, Surfboarding, Camping & Sea Survival, Rock Repelling,  Rope Binding, First Aid, High IQ Level, Plant Knowledge, Can Read and Interpret People, Socially Perceptive, Most Accurate with Throwing stars, knives, daggers, and short blades

Personality: She is the most well mannered person for a "convict". She believes that convicts are still human beings that have a "'Heart Condition' called feelings and emotions" too and is not afraid to say so. She has trained herself to have as much control over her feelings and emotions as possible. She also loves fashion and music. She is smarter than she lets others believe. Quite observant, very eccentric, a Crowd Pleasing person, She is not afraid to speak her mind when she thinks it might be necessary. But she also knows holds back telling her opinions, until she thinks you need it, She likes what she likes. Very playful, Very flirty, Very charming, Very Crafty, IS Very Oblivious to when someone likes her. And you NEVER want to make her upset or mad at you.

Notable Attributes: Has a Twin Sister. Acts like a Dumb Blond, Likes to dangle and wiggle her legs when she is sitting, Her hair has edges of fading violet dye. ~WIP

History(if any): To Be De-Classified
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