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Post by Briar Rose on Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:09 am

The Houses:

- Each house is a two family structure. Vipers on the top floor, and the Falcons on the bottom floor. They do not enter the house from the same front door. There are stairs that lead down onto the front porch that move up to the Vipers' floor.

- Each floor has a entryway, a living room, and two bedrooms.

Living Room: One couch, a square table with 4 chairs and a loveseat.

Bedroom: Individual beds leading down the room in three rows. There are no lights.

Male and female are not allowed to have relations in other houses or at all but should they you will more likely than not be recorded so be prepared for the entire viewing universe to see a censored version of it not that you know that.


- Each confessional contains a box of tissues, a pitcher of water and cups, and a cushioned bench. These are the only rooms that the participants can access with air conditioning.

-They may be accessed any time, day or night without penalty.

Dining Hall:

-The dining hall is one room(minus the kitchen), with two tables across the room from each other. The Vipers near the door and the Falcons near the kitchen. The tables are black with each team's emblem on them.

-There are three pay phones on each respective side.

Sanitary Unit:

-Each sanitary unit contains three stalls, three showers, and three sinks.
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