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Name: Audrey Rocio Ramirez

Age: 18

Crime: car stealing and illegal races

Skill(s): she's able to fix cars and knows how an engine works; she's good at racing and speed is not a problem; expert in street fights

Personality: Audrey is a tomboy, she is strong and independent. She doesn't like when people tell her what to do and how do it. If she gets provoked by someone Audrey will totally react and punch you in the face! So don't bother!
She likes everything related to cars, engines and races.

Notable Attributes: short stature and a big dungarees with a beret; Puerto Rican: she speaks both English and Spanish.

History: Often mistaken for a boy, especially when she's racing, Audrey is known in the circle as 'the Puerto Rican', one of the best races outstanding.
She uses to steal cars and pieces, and then she uses them to create a new car to race and win.

One night after a race, the police arrived and arrested her and other people. She immediately accepted the offer: one million of dollars!

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