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Post by Belle Valjean on Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:28 pm

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Name: Belle Valjean

Age: 27

Occupation: secretary/assistant for the organization

Skill(s): fast at writing and taking notes, she's a hard worker and likes to finish everything she has started

Personality: Belle is a peaceful person, she usually doesn't look for troubles and she never speaks her mind, always condescending who is speaking with her.

Notable Attributes: Brunette with a passion for books, long dresses and tea parties.

History: Now Belle is getting in trouble, big troubles. Fighting against her calm nature, now she is trying to find out every little dirty secret of the organization that killed her older brother during one of its competitions and using them against it.
She's putting a good face on a bad game, pretending to enjoy the job and her colleagues, when she would like just to run away, but she has to keep her game if she wants to revenge her brother.

Belle Valjean
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