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Post by Briar Rose on Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:16 pm

Ohhkay, here's how this is going down~

We'll start in about an hour. 1st Challenge will be tomorrow afternoon, around 3 or 4. What we're doing right now is meeting our teammates as we eat dinner at the dining hall (we're having spaghetti. No worries, the food's good) Intermingling is allowed amongst teams, but remember you're trying to crush the other team to win so c:

Mok or Briar will start the topic. They'll be explaining to you what to do (eat and socialize, make your phone call) from there, you're free to do whatever until the first challenge. (Don't forget there is a curfew but you're allowed to sneak out after you've returned to your cabin. ) But be sure to clarify you're leaving.

If you haven't been interviewed first, that's fine.

Any more questions? c:
Briar Rose
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