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Post by Kocoum Akecheta on Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:26 pm

Name: Kocoum Akecheta

Age: 28

Occupation: Guard, Helper for Challenges

Skills: He is skilled in combat, martial arts and all sorts of guns and common weapons. But also he knows very well how to use his brain.

Personality: He normally hardly talks, mostly gives Yes and No responses and doesn´t really care about most people and is more than able to do things all on his own but if there is a job to do for him he´ll do as he is told to.

Notable Attributes: If someone actually got him to like that person he can be very loyal and care about the person. Knows about 5000 ways to kill someone (number still rising), including also objects.

History: Laaaaaaaaaaaaatööööööööööööööör ♥
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