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Post by Selina Kyle on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:56 pm

Name: Selina Kyle (Real Name: Andromeda Nought)

Age: 32

Crime: Assassination of a Government Official, 50 Counts of Theft.

Skill(s): Lock picking, stealth, acrobatics, marksmanship, brawling.

Personality: Selina is very confident and clever. She has her own code and sometimes that doesn't line up with others'. She can be protective of those she cares about or those she feels need help. Selina can be quite unforgiving if someone has offended her greatly, and may be ruthless at times when it comes to achieving a goal.

Notable Attributes: Close cropped hair and her toned physique.

History(if any): Selina grew up as Andromeda on the streets, stealing what she could to survive. She never knew her parents and frankly never cared to. If they'd wanted her, they'd have kept her. She got involved with a gang but left when she made too many enemies. She changed her name when she tried to go on the straight and narrow but fell back onto old ways when she hit a rough spot. Recently, she murdered a government official, but for what reason remains unknown.

Extra: Selina is fond of flowers and once boasted a very lovely garden. She also is bisexual.
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