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Post by Moses Massani on Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:04 pm

Name: Moses Massani

Age: 26

Skill(s): Hand to hand combat, marksmanship.

Personality: Moses, on the job, is professional and hard working. He takes his job very seriously, and carries out orders perfectly. He doesn't question his superiors and would never think of it. Off the job, he is friendly and charming, and has a great sense of humor. He views the games as a good thing for the most part, as he thinks its a chance for redemption that most never get.

Notable Attributes: Strikings eyes and slender yet toned physique.

History(if any): Moses grew up in a family with a history of military service. When he was old enough, he enlisted and performed his duties as expected of him. He received a lot of praise from his superiors and top marks across the board. A few years ago, an old family friend (Mok) contacted him about being a guard on Vian's Locker. Figuring why the hell not, Moses agreed and has been keeping order on the show ever since.
Moses Massani
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