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Post by Noëlle Pryde on Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:49 am

Name: Noëlle Pryde

Age: 19

Crime: Rebellion, Accessory to Riot, Treason.

Skill(s): Noëlle is very lithe as well as being able to jump high. She has quick reflexes and though she may not be the best fighter, she's taken down a few government officers once or twice before.

Personality: Noëlle is competitive, and she likes to be able to back up anything she says. She's kind and very easygoing, which is why it was easy for her to get people to rally against the Vian government with her. Noëlle always has something to say though she may not always say it. She's sharp and has a soft spot for animals. Noëlle will never admit when she's wrong or when someone has her pegged. She'll fight until she can't anymore.

Notable Attributes: Her red brown hair and her grey eyes, as well as being short, flexible, and feisty.

History(if any): Noëlle has never liked the Vian government, she's always believed that they treat people like animals. She doesn't like all of the rules they have in place or the way that they enforce them. She's an avid riot starter and is constantly finding ways/sabotaging the government in any way that she can. She has a younger sister whom she loves very much and who also loves the show. Noëlle's parents don't approve of what she does and they kicked her out for it. Noëlle found shelter amongst her fellow rioters and was arrested when caught stealing weapons from a military armory with three others.
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