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Post by Jasper Keegan on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:40 pm

Name: Jasper Keegan

Age: 22

Crime: Murder

Skill(s): Uses his sexual and flirty skills to get what he wants most of the time, acrobatic, fast on his feet, and intelligent.

Personality: With his victims, Jasper would be anything that they craved. But before the rape and his mother's and rapist's arrest, Jasper was a fiery, bright male who spoke his mind which he never did around his mother. Jasper was very adventurous and hyper, being very excited to be with others who weren't his mother. He liked to joke around and was playful with his friends and sometimes others. Which did turned out to be one the reasons to why he was suddenly becoming sexually embarrassed. He would flirt or joke with his friends who soon became enamored with male immediately, becoming testy when they saw him being playful with others. There are rare times when his old kind, genuine playful self will show up. But most of the time, Jasper is a sarcastic, snarky male who has a smart ass attitude with others. Sometimes a cold attitude as well. It depended on his mood. To get what he wants, Jasper is willing to fake his feelings and attitude. Which usually worked pretty well. Most of his life, he has acted.

There are times when Jasper has his meltdowns when he can't take the acting. And his nightmares are very evident in his sleep. Jasper will try to play the nightmares and meltdowns off, going in a dark depressed mood for a while. It's safe to keep away from him around this time. He'll immediately assumed that you're an enemy. Female or Male. It doesn't matter. His mother had a hand in his raping. So there's no trust for any gender.  

Notable Attributes: Called the 'Vixen' or 'Kitsune' by many people who know of him and his history of humiliating his lovers(victims). Also has a fox tattoo  on his arm.

History(if any): Jasper wasn't born to such a loving family, but to a narcissist, desperate mother who would do anything for money. His mother sold herself to rich and decent males, getting close to them before stealing whatever she could get her hands on them. She'd flaunt her beauty and got what she desired. She'd ignore him most of the time due to her jealousy. The child had her looks, which she didn't appreciate at all. The mother had wished that he had turned to look like his father instead. But wishes never did come true. She was beginning to believe and imagine that her son was becoming more attractive than her. Her narcissist mind was going out of control because of this. His mother was already starting to notice that her casual flings and boyfriends were starting to make hungry eyes at Jasper, who was only 15 at the time. Jasper always kept to himself, being his real self when he was away from his mother like at school. Although it was becoming a bit hard for him to be himself and befriend others due to the sexual harassment that started out as a joke by some of the students was becoming serious. He'd almost been attacked in the restroom by one of the upperclassman. The school brought this attention to his mother, who wasn't bothered at all by the fact that her son was being harassed, but told the school that she'd keep him on while they sought order back into their students. She was actually displeased by the attention that her son was receiving.

Soon her mind cracked one day when her current boyfriend was bold enough to actually attack Jasper who had been sleeping on the couch that unfortunate day. Jasper had pleaded with his mother to help him, but all that he received was a cold sinister smile and his mother walking away from the incident. She left him to be raped by the other male. After this day, events of his mother going to jail for her part in her son's rape, Jasper ending up in foster care, and him still becoming a target had led up to Jasper becoming a bit...twisted like his mother.

Jasper began doing the same like his mother had, with flaunting her beauty and getting what she wanted. But Jasper had a better idea than that. Money and attention were great and all. But that wasn't what he wanted from his victims. What he wanted from his victims were their humiliation. Jasper chose his victims carefully, the very known male's who didn't want their affairs or secrets to come out to the public. He'd seduce them, get close, and learn his victims secrets, while getting showered by affection and money. Soon when Jasper got tired of them and thought it was time for their secrets to be revealed, then his plan is set into action. It pleased him to see them be terribly pained by his betrayal and humiliated by their secrets out in the open. One of their secrets being him most of the time. Everything was going good for Jasper until he chose the wrong victim. At first Jasper thought he had the victim in the palm of his hand. But he had been tricked instead by the victim who forced him to stay in the relationship with him. Which became abusive quickly. Turns out the victim knew of Jasper's reputation as the vixen and actually pretended to be what Jasper looked for in his victims. The man wanted to have control and tame the known vixen. One day Jasper had enough of the man and lashed out, the man thought it would be fun to screw the male against his will to teach him another lesson. But Jasper had cracked. Had enough. The rape was beginning to bring back old memories that he tried to hard to forget, causing him to smash the lamp into the other male's head out of fear. Jasper knew what he had done, but felt no regret when the cops had been called by the neighbor who had complained about the yelling, arresting him. He admitted that he was guilty, not caring if the jury believed him or not that the man tried to rape him. Besides it had felt so good to kill him. Feeling a hole in his heart being filled for only a moment. Jasper wonders if the death of his mother and his first rapist would fill that hole forever.
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