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Post by Artemis Conundrum Quetzal on Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:41 am

Name: Artemis Conundrum Quetzal

Age: 20

Crime: Hacking, Assault and Battery, 15 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter,  Blackmailing, Underground Boxing/Wrestling/Fighting Circuit, Kidnapping (Until All Were In A Happy Environment), Bounty Hunting W/O Licenses (or any proper papers what-so-ever)

Skill(s): Parkour, Japanese Swordsmanship, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Basic Survival, First Aid, High IQ Level, Rope Tying, Extensive Plant and Animal Knowledge

Personality: Can be snarky and sarcastic when she first meets you; although will give credit where credit is due if she thinks you are worth it. She has the tendency to annoy people she does not like. If she trusts you; however, she will always save you regardless of the consequences of her actions. She is smarter than she lets others believe. She has trust issues with most people. She will tell it like it is. She is very peculiar about three things: the people she hangs out with, food, and lodgings of any kind. She would rather be self-sufficient than pay for anything and is resourceful. She dislikes, but can occasionally tolerate stupidity. If you have any problems with her . . . . you do not any longer.

Notable Attributes: Has a Twin Sister. Always wears an arrowhead necklace and a charm bracelet with various animal teeth and claws on her left hand wrist. Has a tendency to chew Mint leaves when nervous and gum when annoyed, or thinking. Has Blonde hair partially died Ice Blue. Has an axe tattoo on the right side of her right eye.

History(if any): Soon To Be De-Classified
Artemis Conundrum Quetzal
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